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Elie G. Aoun MD, MRO


90 Broad St., Suite 1031. New York, NY, 10004              (347) 766 - 1941


Treatment relationship: 

Patients seeking treatment with Dr. Aoun will schedule an initial comprehensive psychiatric consultation. This is an opportunity to clarify diagnoses and agree on a treatment plan. In the event we are unable to proceed with treatment, Dr. Aoun will provide referrals to the most appropriate provider. A consultation is not a guarantee that Dr. Aoun will be able to take the individual on as a patient. 

Cancellation/No Show Policy

Situations may arise when patients need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Patients are expected to notify Dr. Aoun at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment. Visits cancelled after that or no-shows will be billed at the full fee. Note that insurance companies do not reimburse for missed appointments.


Patients arriving late to a scheduled appointment will be seen during the designated appointment slot and as such, may be seen for less than was originally scheduled. The session will be billed for the scheduled time. 



Dr. Aoun will not discuss any details of your treatment without your written permission. You may revoke this permission in writing at any time. The legal exceptions to this confidentiality include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. There is good reason to believe a patient is at risk of serious harm to themselves or others. 2. There is good reason to suspect abuse and/or neglect towards children, the elderly, or disabled persons.

3. A court order may subpoena a medical record.
4. In the case of a medical emergency, a treating psychiatrist may provide necessary information to the treating medical party.

Medication refill policy: 

Medication refills should be handled during scheduled appointments. If the patient discovers they will run out of medications prior to their scheduled appointment, they should contact Dr. Aoun to call in a refill.

For patients whom are seen predominantly for medication management, it is important to have an appointment in order to renew medication. In some situations, Dr. Aoun may prescribe a small supply of medication that will last until the next scheduled visit.

Controlled substance policy: 

Controlled substances require more responsibility from both the patient and the prescriber. New York State encourages physicians to monitor all controlled substances a patient is prescribed though an electronic registry. Situations such as losing prescriptions, requesting early refills or obtaining a psychiatric controlled substance from another prescriber without alerting Dr. Aoun may be concerning. Dr. Aoun will reassess the appropriateness of continuing a controlled medication.


Fees and Insurance: 

Dr. Aoun is an "out-of-network" provider. Many health insurance companies and professional benefit plans allow submission of a psychiatrist's bill in return for substantial reimbursements. He will happily provide receipts for insurance reimbursement as needed.

Please contact your insurance company for details and ask about:

Whether or not there are "out-of-network" benefits and if so, how much is reimbursed?
Are there any out-of-network deductibles that must be met before these benefits are active and if there is any co-insurance associated with the plan?
How to submit claims for reimbursement (typically this is done online or by mail after the provider gives the patient a receipt that includes all relevant diagnostic and service codes)?


Commonly used codes include:

Initial Evaluation: 99205 + 99836 or +90838

Medication Management Follow-up visit: 99213 or 99214

Psychotherapy “add-on” (used in conjunction with medication management codes above): 90833 or 90836

Psychotherapy: 90834

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